Wordly escorts (les Mondaines in French) stories are numerous. They make us smile. We could not miss the wink. This is the reason why this hotel is called La Mondaine.

Heiress of the Vice Squad, the Brigade Mondaine is being reborn in 1901. It’s function: to gather information within the police headquarters.

Quickly, its tasks are widened to the begging repression, then to the soliciting and the drug trafficking repression, to the control of brothels (Maisons Closes), against obscene publications and illegal establishments.

After the closure of the Brothels (Maisons Closes) in 1946, the Brigade Mondaine is going to manage and to frame hundreds of secret brothels. Over the decades, it is an incredible established police grid that controls the night world. A shady world where the underworld, the small and big gangsters, the submitted, the prostitutes, but also the customers maybe anonymous but especially the powerful, the politics, the industrialists, the artists meet…

La (Brigade) Mondaine fascinated. Mainly because this police department was associated to this mystery flavor. But also by all the intrigues and because this department possessed a sulfurous side where the funny was next to the dirty, to the secret and to the scandal.  It will keep its name of Brigade Mondaine until 1975.

Les demies-mondaines, these women maintained by rich Parisians, for a long time invisible, before showing themselves in the press, the theaters, public meetings and finally in all the Parisian Society from the Second Empire to reach their peak by 1900 disappeared during the World War I.

Ours. Our Mondaine. So Parisian. An elegant, eccentric, curious and passionate Mondaine. A Mondaine who has no age, who crosses the time, socializing with the literary and artistic world. She likes the gallantry, she is roguish, superficial and passionate. She likes going out and have dinners in town, she blooms in the conversation and the seduction. She has Style, she loves freedom, her freedom.